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  • Borns Solutions AZ provides nonpartisan research and analysis of public policy and legislative issues with expertise in child and family policy, human services, state budget and governance. Prior client work has focused on successful housing interventions, legislative activity regarding healthcare and budget, and workforce capacity and challenges.
  • We develop and implement research and analysis methodologies unique to your specific project’s need, including design and execution of research plans. Utilizing tools such as best practices research, budget analysis and key informant interviews, BSAZ will create a plan that answers the specific policy question your agency poses.
  • Borns Solutions AZ presents research findings in the most appropriate format, including but not limited to: reports, policy briefings, “elevator” speeches and talking points.


Why do policymakers, community advocates and stakeholders use public policy analysis and research?

Policy choices are the ultimate statement about our collective priorities and public policy analysis provides the base for well-informed decisions.  Policy analysis crafted by research allows for data-driven decision-making and is a tool for advocates to make their voices heard. It drives smart, focused policy change.

Which research and analysis methodologies does Borns Solutions AZ use most often?

Research methods are developed and implemented unique to client need and are crafted to answer the specific policy question posed.

Tools available include:

  • Best practices research designed to identify what has already been tested and measured nationally as well as potential examples of policy success.
  • Budget analysis to assess what suggested funding has been proposed as well as compare and contrast impact.
  • Key informant interviews to provide key qualitive information and framing.

How does Borns Solutions AZ present the findings of a research project?

Research findings and policy recommendations are tailored to client needs.  Policy briefs, talking points, executive summaries and presentations are just some of the vehicles to present what has been learned.  Borns Solutions AZ collaborates with clients to determine how to share the most important findings, in the right formats, to catch the eye of the right stakeholders.


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