Community Facilitation & Project Management

  • Borns Solutions AZ facilitates a variety of organizational projects and initiatives, taking ownership of the process from project initiation to final outcome.
  • BSAZ is experienced in providing facilitation services working with organizations to identify and achieve measurable outcomes. Working with clients, BSAZ has helped community leaders strategically articulate goals and desired results.
  • Borns Solutions AZ works closely with clients to continue to facilitate work to address achieving the measures articulated in strategic plans.


What is Borns Solutions AZ’s role when providing facilitation services?

Borns Solutions AZ is there to work with the community to allow them to make their voices heard and work collaboratively to address the issue or process at hand.  Borns Solutions AZ is committed to serving as a partner, providing support, facilitation, guidance and focused discussion to allow the community to arrive at a decision that is uniquely their own.  This facilitation includes planning, potential logistical support and outcome reporting as needed to support community implementation.

How large of a group can Borns Solutions AZ work with?

Borns Solutions AZ can facilitate engagement with a variety of groups, from smaller, project-specific working groups, to large alliances.  Borns Solutions AZ currently serves as the facilitator for the Maricopa Family Support Alliance, which is more than 75 members strong.


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