• Borns Solutions AZ synthesizes and summarizes research and data and presents findings in easily consumed and clearly articulated products.
  • We will document findings or project outcomes in the most appropriate format including but not limited to briefings, reports, talking points, “elevator” speeches, presentations and fact sheets.
  • Borns Solutions AZ has experience crafting web content unique to client policy priorities or program needs.


Why is it important for research and data to be easily consumed?

No matter how groundbreaking the data or how revolutionary the findings, users will not use policy research to make informed decisions if that research is not accessible.  Clarity of research and data is critical to using that data to craft policy.

Why hire a professional writer and communicator?

Once all critical data is amassed, and all input is provided, organizations often find they know the story they want to tell, but the pieces are disjointed and the voice isn’t clear. A professional writer is able to take those pieces and craft a narrative that tells the story in a way to drive change.


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